Does your business have the capability to sustain high performance and grow?

External factors such as market conditions or changes in technology will impact every business.  

The ability of your business to respond to these challenges, and be competitive, will be shaped by a number of internal factors.  The effectiveness of your leadership team, your organisation structure, your reward practices, your ability to attract and retain key skills and talent, and the culture within your business, will all impact the capability of your organisation. Crucially it will be the interplay between all these elements that will determine the overall strength of the business. 

What is Organisational Capability?



“Their carefully targeted and structured programme management approach was a key accelerator in driving sustainable improvement.”  CEO, FTSE 100 Aerospace Company.  

“Their approach provided a framework to allow us to move away from purely tactical and short term decisions and integrate as part of the wider operational strategy.” CEO, FTSE Engineering Company.

Our approach is based on the insight we have gained by partnering with business leaders within complex organisations for over 25 years. 

We quickly establish areas of risk and opportunity, and identify practical action you could take to improve your business performance and sustain growth. We do this through structured dialogue with you and your team, and through analysis of organisational data.

Our approach is tailored according to your business conditions, and has been deployed successfully in a range of businesses across different sectors. 

  • In small to medium-size businesses, we have helped establish a scalable platform for growth, without compromising agility, innovation, customer orientation, and cost.
  • In more established businesses, we have supported the development of new people practices, improving the capability to be more competitive, grow profitably, or launch new facilities.
  • In sectors where the market or technology is changing rapidly, we have helped identify actions to establish or retain the capability required to be competitive.

Examples of our work helping develop organisation capability (Click on the title)