I had the pleasure meeting the Productivity through People first cohort this week, who had all been nominated to participate in this Lancaster University Management School Programme (LUMS). We talked about the productivity challenge, how you measure productivity, and the importance of getting the people stuff right. The 24 delegates came from a diverse selection SMEs, based in the North West. They were an impressive bunch, all enthusiastic and focused on how they can improve the bottom line performance in their businesses. I was really impressed. We have lots of talent and we need to build the confidence through great leadership at all levels in our organisations. I am very much looking forward to our base-line business assessments and bench-marking session in a couple of weeks, hosted by BaE. I am sure it will provide an opportunity to see some best practice and learn a lot from each other. The delegates then have an exciting nine months ahead of themselves at LUMS.


@LUentrepreneurs @laurawebster567 Sean McIlveen inspired PtP delegates with stunning productivity session today

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